A safe but rapid rollout of production features, happening now!

Fast Travel lets you teleport assets in your very own non-custodial fast travel tunnels.


  • you start with whatever you have,

  • in 2 clicks you get what you want, and

  • nobody can take it from you along the way.

This magic is made possible through Obi Accounts, the first on-chain, gasless, all-chain recoverable smart accounts. For Fast Travel specifically, here's what's rolling out over the coming weeks:


βœ… All-Chain Smart Accounts βœ… Zero-Gas MPC βœ… First Smart Account Security Audit

January 2024

βœ… 1-Click Wallet Create βœ… Non-Custodial Tunnels βœ… MEV/Frontrunning Shielding

February 2024

βœ… ETH->Neutron Fast Travel βœ… Desktop WalletConnect βœ… ->Sei Fast Travel

March 2024

βœ… ->All Cosmos Chains Fast Travel βœ… On-chain 2FA/3FA πŸ”„ IBC and Cosmos Dex Token Fast Travel

April 2024

πŸ”„ USDC->Anything Fast Travel πŸ”„ All EVM Chains Fast Travel πŸ”„ Solana Fast Travel πŸ”„ β€œWrong Network” Recovery in UI πŸ”œ Extra Life

May 2024

πŸ”œ Best Route Guaranteed πŸ”œ Fast Travel Link Machine πŸ”œ Obi as MetaMask Account 🦊 πŸ”œ Gas Fee Hyper-Optimization πŸ”œ Easy Resume/Retry πŸ”œ Fast Travel to LPs and Vaults πŸ”œ Fast Travel to NFTs

June 2024

πŸ”œ "Anything in 2 Clicks"... in Frames! πŸ”œ Launch of Growth Incentives πŸ”œ Bridge Insurance

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