Incentivizing Service Providers

Although Obi currently operates as a centralized business, our goal is to remove ourselves as a central point of failure in the future.

The Obi service providers will be incentivized to offer the services mentioned, and can compete with one another to onboard users or otherwise support account abstraction modules. Obi service providers will be free to offer services to other smart contracts on home chains and via IBC, as well.

An Obi company will operate the initial service provider.

Multi-Chain Fees: Value Accrual to Service Providers

Unlike most PoS tokens, rewards are not paid out in the underlying token through inflation (ie: stake X, earn X). Instead, Obi Passport allows the network to collect native fees from chains where Obi accounts are transacting.

This gives us a unique advantage: staking rewards are paid in a basket of native cryptocurrencies (e.g. earn BTC, NTRN, ATOM, and ETH).

Incentivizing Obi SDK

Early L1s, applications, DAOs and wallets who integrate Obi SDKs can receive a share of value accrued, especially if they are the entry point for users creating accounts. This can include those who complete Obi Web3 app educational courses, which is a major part of Obi’s early go-to-market strategy.

Network Overview

Note that "Obi Token Stakers" can refer to any sort of voting or delegation mechanic whereby service providers are elected. It does not have to refer to a special token, or even a specific token.

Likewise, "Staking Network" can refer to any appropriate network where Obi accounts live.

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