Allow/Block/Delay Lists

The message gatekeeper can inspect a message to see if it matches a current Authorization, Block, or Delay order. Contract address, message URL, WASM action name, and fields can all be filtered on.


  • Allow any action on a specified contract with a specified token_id (a single NFT).

  • Allow any trades on specified LP contracts as long as the max_slippage is under a set value.

  • Disallow the burn action on all contracts.

  • Delay any action with a specified token_id (a high-value NFT).

Creating an Allow Authorization using CLI/Code:

{ add_abstraction_rule: {
    new_rule: {
    	actor: "<ADDRESS>",
    	ty: "allow",
    	    [["allow", { allow: {
                "identifier": 0  // usually unspecified
		"actor": "<ADDRESS>"  // optional
	    	"contract": "<CONTRACT_ADDRESS">  // optional
      		"message_name": "MsgExecuteContract"  // optional
      		"wasmaction_name": "transfer"         // optional
      		"fields": [                           // optional
	sub_rules: [] // not yet supported for this main_rule type

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